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Beiimaan Love Movie Starring, Wiki, News, Official trailer


Directed by Rajeev Chaudhari
Produced by Rajeev Chaudhari
Written by Rajeev Chaudhari
Screenplay by Rajeev Chaudhari
  • Sunny Leone
  • Rajniesh Duggall
  • Daniel Weber
Music by
  • Ankit Tiwari
  • Kanika Kapoor
  • Raghav Sachar
  • Sanjeev Darshan
  • Asad Khan
  • Asees


Beiimaan Love Movie Audience Reviews 2016

Bollywood is producing movies on different genres and romantic movies are the best one among them. But the number other movies is not small rather the other movies are also demanding to the audiences. Some of the movie makers are breaking the traditions and making movies over the unexpected issues. Erotic movies are one of the genres that have been gaining popularity among the Indian audiences. The movie makers are not making the movies erotic only, they are trying to add some special elements with the movies and thus they are trying to make the movies wonderful. The movie makers are on the view that if only the erotic movies are made, the audiences may lose interest on the movies and accordingly the movies may turn failure. Besides, the movie makers are unwilling to reveal the plots before the movie release fearing that the audience might lose attraction for the movie if they come to know about the plot earlier. So, in the case of Beiimaan Love, the movie makers have officially revealed no plot for the movie. But some of the sources have reported that the movie will be an erotic film and combination of some thrilling elements.

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